Unintentional Awareness

I’m a big fan of coffee, but other than that I’m not a huge fan of ingesting large quantities of caffeine or any other stimulant. I drank my last soda over three years ago, and will never go back. But even when I was drinking sodas I was never a big fan of the ones that seemed to exist simply to inject caffeine into a human recipient. Jolt, and especially Mountain Dew just never made any sense to me.

But it’s just possible that they’ve done people with TS a solid with this new ad campaign for their Mountain Dew Kickstart (TM, I’m sure) line of drinks.

It’s not the drinks themselves. I still think they’re horrid. But they just made a video of people who seem to have massive full-body gross-motor tics, and made it seem not just cool but desirable!

I remember very clearly being ridiculed in fourth grade for looking just like the actors in that ad. Even two years later the kids in my school were still making fun of me for “being a spaz”. Ooooh, how the times have changed. If I was back in fourth grade now, everyone would just assume I was chugging large quantities of Kickstart, and would wonder where they could get some. I’d be with the “in” crowd. A trend setter!

Or maybe it’s just the vest. Yeah, I never had one of those…


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