There’s no way to get a complete picture of a person from a single web page. All the author can hope for in an “about” page is to give the reader enough glimpses into the things that make them who they are to be useful without being overbearing.

I have TS and OCD, hence the title of the blog. But that’s certainly not the sum total of who I am.

In the past I’ve been a picture framer, a library clerk, a newspaper editor, a software developer, a systems administrator, and now an instrumentation specialist. When I’m not working I’m playing. Specifically I like to play with cameras (photography), kites (kiting and doing kite aerial photography), sound (field recording), and words (writing).

For posts about work and play, take a look at my other blog, The View Up Here.

For posts about TS and OCD, stick around A Ticcing Life.



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