A Ticcing Life

I’m a guy with Tourette’s Syndrome. I don’t mean this in some vague self-deprecating sense. (“I’m such a potty mouth! I must have Tourette’s or something.”) Naaah… I mean it in the literal sense: I was born with it, grew up with it, was diagnosed with it, and spend every waking moment with it.

Tourette’s isn’t contagious. The only way to catch it is to inherit the genes that cause it. It’s not something you ever get over. In a sense that’s one of the great things about TS: it comes with a lifetime guarantee. It’s right there in the sales brochure: Treat your tics right, and they’ll be with you for the rest of your life! Oh yayyy… Just tell me I didn’t get charged extra for the extended warranty.

The flip side to this, though, is that I have no idea what life without Tourette’s is like, and never will. So when people ask what it’s like to have TS, all I can say is, “It’s normal”. I’m not trying to be flippant or ironic. It’s just the honest truth.

But I can understand that it’s also not a very satisfying answer, so I’m writing this blog in an effort to expand on that whole “It’s normal” thing. Some of the material will be borrowed from other blog posts I’ve written over the years, but most of it will be new.

My audience is you: someone who is genuinely interested in learning what life with Tourette’s Syndrome is actually like. You may be a fellow ticcer, here to compare stories and scars. You may be a parent who can’t believe the diagnosis their child’s doctor just handed down. You may be someone who saw a video on Youtube and did a Google search. You may be someone who’s wondering if you could ever be friends with this strange person you just met who jerks, flaps, and tics, and keeps making noises. Or you may be someone who wound up here by accident, and have a few minutes to spend reading a blog. I’m writing for you all.

Welcome to a ticcing life.